Calez vos objets

Block your objects

We offer suitable wedging in many materials.

You will find below the possible wedging by material.

Do not hesitate to send us a photo of the objects to be wedged and your precise needs.

Cardboard dividers, without cutout. This insert can be in 350g, 700g or 1000g cardboard.

Several colors are available, depending on the weight chosen.

Delivery time : 1 to 3 weeks

More economical than foam, it is an elegant solution, especially for cardboard boxes.

Nevertheless, not suitable for all products, especially depending on their shape.

This insert can be made in corrugated cardboard, in 350g, 700g cardboard or in 1000g black, white or grey cardboard.

Several colors are possible, depending on the weight chosen.

Delivery time after layout approval 1 to 3 weeks.

Without a cutout.

It is the most economical bespoke production insert because it does not require a cutting tool.

This wedge can be in 350g, 700g or 1000g cardboard.

Several colors are possible, depending on the weight chosen.

Delivery time 1 to 3 weeks

Cardboard base insert to separate and display your items.

We can use different colors of paper or printed paper inside the base.

Upside down, a base can be used as a cover to hide accessories (cables, instructions, refills, etc.).

Trays with printing ribbons can be made in bespoke production to organise your products on several floors.

Eco-friendly inserts in moulded pulp. Pulp foam in paper, cellulose or agri-residues.

Contact us to create a sustainable packaging.

This technique can be carried out:

  • either by creating a tool for stamping cut, for foams <25mm thick
  • either with a digital cut of a foam sheet

You can add a foam tray at the bottom of the box, adhesive or not.

There are many possible qualities of foams, including:

  • PU: polyurethane (visible bubbles, usually anthracite gray) - inexpensive
  • PE: polyethylene (smooth, denser, usually white or black) - luxury
  • EVA (smooth, very dense, brighter colors) - luxury and high density polyethylene (PE) foams

Delivery time after layout approval 2 to 4 weeks

Milling allows you to dig cavities based on your objects shapes, with different depths if you have several objects to insert.

On the other hand, this technique does not allow sharp angles, because a rounding of 4mm radius is inevitable in the angles.

Milling is not possible on PU foam.

Delay approximately 3 weeks after BAT

Many solutions, sometimes expensive, but which can make the difference...

Contact us.

In order to create an insert in your object's shape, an injection mold is necessary.

For this reason, this type of insert is only economical for big quantities.The insert can be made in various plastics (APET, PS, PVC, PP, ...), food or not.

Several colors possible, possible effects (metallic, transparent, ...), printing possible in screen printing, hotstamp or four-color printing.

Delivery time 3 to 8 weeks

Supplied in packs of 480 Sheets in 750x500mm shape.

Many colors possible, range of colors available on request.

From 500kg, we can print the paper according to your wishes.

Practical and inexpensive to fix your cards or leaflets in the box or the cover.

Transparent pockets are available in A5, A6, A7 or credit card shapes, or simple adhesive corners for small shapes

The wood crimps allow you to insert your bottles or objects in an ecological way.

It is sold by kg.

More creative, you can use the paper crimp available in black, white or kraft, 100% recyclable.

It is sold in bags of 5kg.

Insert in satin to highlight your products.

Standard satin colors or the fabric of your choice.

Delivery time 2-3 weeks