Boîtes en métal

Bespoke production: Metal boxes

Metal boxes offer a recyclable and economical packaging solution for a multitude of uses such as food, cosmetics, and for your documents or various products.

The boxes are made of tinplate or aluminum. We can print them in offset according to your request, color them, add embossing or matt/gloss effects.

Most boxes come with interior food varnishes.

There are endless customizations and finishes. It is possible to make particular shapes (hexagonal, triangular, house shapes, car shapes, etc.).

Innovate and mix materials (metal/wood, metal/plastic, etc.) thanks to our multiple skills!

- Manufactured in Europe: Delivery time: 4 to 6 weeks

From 1000 pieces, we can make a four-color print of your visual on all sides, with several possible customizations: Four-color printing, embossing, handles, wedging, etc.

  •     Rectangular boxes: several possible formats (length x width, in mm): 110×110, 134×69, 190×100, 220×150, 310×180mm, many possible custom heights.
  •     Cylindrical boxes: several possible diameters (in mm): 43, 70, 72, 85, 90, 108, 155, 195, 220 – many possible custom heights.

- Asia bespoke production: 

Minimum order: 5000 pieces generally per model/print, sometimes less (2000 or 3000ex) for existing shapes. 

Usual delivery time: 11 to 13 weeks after validation of the proof (+/- 3 weeks).

Several validation processes are possible: simple BAT from a PDF file on an existing format, plastic prototype, metal prototype, first in series with printing… between 10 and 25 days depending on the process chosen.


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