Ajouter votre logo

Add your logo​

You can print your logo on all our boxes.

You will find below the possible techniques by materials.

Do not hesitate to send us your printing to confirm the feasibility and assist you.

For a printing in your pantone color.

This technique is generally used for marking in a single color in the pantone color of your choice.

For a screenprinting in several colors, the colors should not touch each other or overlap.

Delivery time after artwork approval: about 10 days.

Call also : deboss on cardboard

This technique is generally used for metallic colors (gold, silver, etc...). It is also possible to mark in several dozen standard colors, in a single color. 

This technique, often synonymous with luxury, creates a slight hollow on the marked surface.

Delivery time after artwork approval : about 10 days.

Deboss (hole) or Emboss (hump)

Delivery time after artwork approval : +/-2 weeks

For small printing in 4/5 colours

Printing possible from 2 to 5 Pantone colors.

Important: the dimensions of marking can not exceed 55mm in diameter and 90x30mm.

Color gradients are not possible.

Pad printing can sometimes be done on a cylindrical box, on 1/4 maximum of the perimeter .

Delivery time after artwork approval : +/-2 weeks

For a printing of your logos in 4 color print, of your photos etc...

For cardboard boxes, prefer white boxes for a better result.

Four color prints are not possible on black boxes.

A flat surface is necessary, so folding boxes with magnets can only be printed on the lid and the magnetic flap for example.

Full color printing is possible on folded boxes or on rigid boxes with a height of <70mm.

Digital printing gives a slight "spray" effect on the boxes in stock because it is inkjet printing, comparable to the quality of an office printer.

Delivery time after artwork approval : 1 to 2 weeks

Traditional result

Hotstamp is usually done with a heated tool, more rarely with a laser.

For logos <25cm. 

Consult us for larger logos.

Delivery time after artwork approval : +/-3 weeks

3D effect of resin

Maximum size: 50x50mm or 80mm diameter.

10 standard shapes available (please contact us), custom cutting possible.

Several supports are possible : transparent, white, gold, silver, vynil etc..

Several customizations possible: maxi doming, resin deposit etc... please consult us.

Attention: doming labels are not applied by us, and are delivered separately.

Doming in screenprinting 1 color, less expensive, is sometimes possible.

Indicative prices, please consult us

Original, embossed, several colors possible

From 1000ex minimum

Screenprinting of logos from 1 to 5 colors -26 Pantone colors available 50 standard shapes available (please contact us).

Maximum format 150x125 Several possible supports : transparent, white, gold, silver, vinyl, .... 

Several possible materials: Plexi, molded plastic, leather, cork, flexible labels, metal, etc... 

Unit price from 0,40€HT/u to 5,00€HT/u according to quantities, shapes and number of colors

contact us. 

Delivery time : about 3 weeks Contact us

Premium !

Several materials available : aluminium, stainless steel, brass, leather, cork, tin,...

Several finishes : laser, transcript, embossing,...

Contact us for more information.














We thank you to provide a vector file, at the right scale.

Format: Vectorized EPS in Adobe Illustrator (CS5 version in the 2nd backup window)

In black on a white background, except for four-color prints.

All placement and color indications (Pantone reference) must not appear

in the file and must be indicated separately.

Indicate on a separate file or by email if you want a "portrait" or "landscape" marking,

and if necessary the location of the hinges.


In addition to the delivery costs of the boxes, we charge the shipping costs between the providers (screen printer, gilder,...) and your delivery address: 

 - 10€HT per cartons  

- 150€HT per pallet 

Special case for embossing: 25€HT per cartons, 220€HT per pallet 

Conditions of sale

Minimum of order : 1 carton 

All our prices are given as estimation only and can change according to the complexity of

logos, markings and packaging.

All our prices are given excluding taxes, ex work.