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Some uses for our boxes and cases:

Box to encase diamonds in beeswax, exceptional apartment key, plexiglass skull, chocolates, electric toothbrush, violet candy, luxury car keychain, architect's bible, jewelry, wedding dress, prankster stamp, molecular cooking recipe, hat, audio earphone, comic book, champagne, board game, USB key, perfume bottle, t-shirt, optical encryption process, saffron, ant farm, wedding invitation, soap, magician's kit, tea, trophy, animal ashes, photographs, sex toys, false eyelashes, candle, training CD, pink lenses, camera, essential oils,  fashion show invitation, daggers, invention, perfume launch, art book, baby clothes, tie, local products, beret, training kit, bouquets of flowers, plates, spices, beauty products, watches, driving course, headphones, welcome kit, exceptional vintage, sculpture, make-up, sugared almonds, CD of classical music, seal of the constitution of the Republic, luxury shoes, commercial brochure, robot ankle, invitation, scarf, new medicine, luxury shirt, beauty kit, birth box, shoe shine kit, hotel room welcome kit, gift box, miniature ephemeral tattoo...