Conditions générales de vente

Terms of Sales

1 – General

The mere fact of placing an order implies the unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of sale. The purpose of these general conditions of sale is to govern the contractual relations between the company BOXs, whose head office is located at 25 rue Saint-Yves 75014 Paris, and the Customer accepting these General Conditions of Sale.

All other conditions are only binding on BOXs after written confirmation from it. The information appearing on the sales documents or the website may be modified by the company BOXs without notice.

2 – Acceptance of orders

Orders are only final when they have been confirmed in writing by the seller. The payment by the Customer of a deposit or his written acceptance of the proforma invoice issued by the company BOXs constitutes acceptance of the order by the customer.

3- Cancellation and modification of orders

In the absence of agreement to the contrary from the seller, no order cancellation requested by the buyer may be taken into consideration by the seller, once the manufacture of the products or their order from a subcontractor has been launched, or when the goods have been dispatched. In the event of cancellation of an order accepted by the seller, the deposits paid will be the subject of a credit note and will be reimbursed after deduction of the costs incurred. All changes requested by the buyer received after the order are the responsibility of the buyer, in particular in the event of a change of delivery address.

4 – Delivry Delay

Delivery times are indicative and depend on the availability of supplies of products or raw materials, and the workload of our subcontractors, which vary in particular according to the time of year. Exceeding delivery times cannot give rise to either damages, deductions or cancellation of orders in progress.

5- Reception-Complaint

Unless otherwise stipulated, the products are sold from our company or from our subcontractor. In all cases, they travel at the risk and peril of the recipient.

The customer will have to check during the delivery the good state of the parcels and their contents, and their conformity compared to the contract. In the event of damage or missing product, he will specify his detailed reservations on the delivery note and will confirm them, within three days of delivery, by telephone, mail or email to the company BOXs and/or by registered mail AR addressed to the carrier itself.

By signing the delivery note, the customer accepts the products delivered as they are and therefore no claim relating to damage suffered during transport will be accepted. It is the customer's responsibility to carry out all checks and make all detailed reservations upon arrival of the goods and to exercise, if necessary, all recourse against the carrier.

6- Returns

Any return must be the subject of a formal agreement between the seller and the buyer. Any product returned without this agreement will not give rise to a credit note. The costs and risks of return are the responsibility of the purchaser.

7- Prices

Unless otherwise stipulated, the prices are understood to be net, departure (Ex works), excluding taxes on the basis of the prices communicated to the buyer. Any tax, fee, duty or other benefit to be paid under French regulations, or those of an importing or transit country, are the responsibility of the purchaser.

8- Terms of payement

All payments must be made at the seller's domicile. In accordance with article L441-6 of the Commercial Code and in the absence of specific stipulations in the invoices or commercial documents issued by the seller, the period for payment of the sums due is set at 15 days following receipt of the goods or execution of the service requested. Any late payment will result in the application of late payment penalties calculated at the rate of 3 times the legal interest rate, said penalties being due without the need for a reminder. The buyer must reimburse all the costs incurred by the litigation of the sums due, including the fees of legal officers.

9- Transfer of risk

The transfer of risk on the products, even in the event of an agreed sale free of charge, takes place upon dispatch of the goods from the warehouse of the seller or its subcontractor, so that the goods travel at the risk and peril of the purchaser exclusively.

10- Retention of title

BOXs retains ownership of the goods until full payment has been received from the customer. The transfer of ownership of the products to the customer takes place at the time of full payment of the price. The customer will not be able to proceed with the resale, transformation or incorporation of the goods as long as the price has not been fully paid.

11- Attribution of jurisdiction

Sales or service contracts entered into by the customer are subject to French law. The courts of Paris will have sole jurisdiction in the event of a dispute of any kind or dispute relating to the formation or execution of the order, unless the seller prefers to seize any other competent court.

Conditions particulières de vente :

- The quantities delivered may differ from the quantities ordered, more or less, according to the usual tolerance in the seller's profession (for example +/- 5% for wood and cardboard), and without this leading to any modification of the unit price, or a possible re-manufacture or even re-delivery.

- The dimensions displayed on the website and the sales documents of the company BOXs are indicative and may vary from one production to another. In addition, our subcontracting factories often having different ways of measuring products, we are not always able to measure products in stock before they are put in the catalogue.

We therefore invite our customers to indicate the dimensions of the products intended to be inserted in the boxes or to ask us for confirmation of the dimensions of the boxes. In particular, BOXs will not be able to accept any complaint about the dimensions of the boxes when the customer makes the interior cushioning or the sheaths or the over-packaging of our products himself.

- The company BOXs can in no way be held responsible for any stock shortages, partial or total, which may occur between the establishment of the quotes and the confirmation of the order by the customer. Missing quantities cannot be subject to damages of any kind.

- We try as far as possible to advise you in the design of your products when we do not carry out the project management. However, we cannot be held responsible for errors in the design of external professionals used by the client.

For example :

o graphic design errors (cut marks in the files, erroneous or non-vectorized printing files, light printing on dark backgrounds, presence of borders on the lid of mounted boxes, etc.);

o wedging design errors (inappropriate materials or box, special conditions of use, etc.);

o errors in the choice of materials or techniques used (unsuitable papers, need for unreported dietary constraints, unsuitable marking techniques, etc.)

More generally, do not hesitate to call on us for any advice or to validate the feasibility of your projects.

Precise specifications are recommended when the product created calls for printing, wedging or complex manufacturing.

- The company BOXs cannot be held responsible for a manufacturing problem when the constraints of use are not defined by the customer (for example ease of opening the lid, solidity necessary for transport, particular resistance to humidity, specific storage conditions, etc.).

- As soon as a customer asks us for a validation process (BAT, prototype, etc.), we cannot definitely maintain the delivery times announced in the quote phase. No claim for late delivery can be made in this case. Moreover, it is the last validation of BAT which is authentic, even if it is in contradiction with the initial order or the previous email exchanges.