Conditions générales de Transport

Transport Policy

Here are our conditions of transport when you are delivered by one of our carriers:

The cost of the transport is given on the quotation for a standard delivery with particularities. The selected carriers deliver mainly to companies, so deliveries are made during the week at standard delivery times, usually in the morning, with a recipient present on working days and hours.

Check that the delivery address you have indicated when ordering is complete

(in particular: delivery contact, delivery telephone, digicode, intercom, floor, special hours...).

Avoid changing the delivery address after the order, a diversion is generally the cause of significant delays in delivery or return delivery (at your expense).

The carriers generally do not call you before delivering. 

They deliver within rounds of delivery (by courier and not by pallet) and thus give an estimated date of delivery within 2-3 days.

Most of our shipments are made between several European countries, so they are generally not tracked. You can ask for a delivery tracking, but this process (which has what utility??) makes a dozen people work and the tracking information will reach you in most cases after the delivery.

An exclusive delivery (with a specific day or time of delivery by appointment or with a prior phone call) usually costs 5 to 20 times more.

Contact us for a quote if you are interested in this service.

In case of delivery on pallets (generally orders >1m3 or >500 pieces), we assume that the street is accessible by semi-trailer trucks, and that the recipient is equipped with an unloading dock not requiring a tailgate or pallet truck. Please inform us before the order confirmation if this is not the case, for a possible recalculation of the shipping costs.

One of the boxes during the delivery contains a delivery note with the description of the goods delivered.

Your deliveries may come from several different factories, by several different carriers. It may happen that you receive a partial delivery from a factory, the rest is usually delivered the day after the first delivery.

Checking deliveries

Attention : check the goods on receipt before signing the delivery note.

In case of anomaly (missing or damaged package, repacking by the carrier), note on the carrier's slip the reservations that you describe briefly, but factually:

Generic reservations (a damaged box) are refused. 

Reservations must be explicit, a damaged box is not a reservation, you must indicate what is broken, dented, scratched, ...

Never write 'subject to unpacking', it is a reason for refusal of any compensation:

The insurer considers today that you have not seen any damage, that it is not real. 

In case of delivery against signature on an electronic terminal (PDA), you should not sign: the driver has manual delivery sheets, he will fill in the sheet, you will indicate the reserves as described above and sign the sheet.

The solution: unpack immediately, the carrier's duty is to wait for you. Resist the driver who has to leave immediately, too much in a hurry, there may be a problem. Contact us before signing in case of doubt. 

Reminder of our general conditions of sale: "Unless otherwise stipulated, the products are sold at the departure of our company or our subcontractor. In all cases, they travel at the risk of the recipient" even if we charge shipping costs. BOXS will be able to take into account your claims only if this procedure was followed, because it only allows compensation by the carrier or insurance.

Important notes :

  • The usual conditions of transport can cause damage to the goods delivered, and we consider as "normal" a delivery with up to 3% of the products damaged during transport, especially for metal and cardboard boxes. We usually (especially if you have followed the process described above) issue a credit note for the damaged goods as a commercial gesture, and not a new delivery to complete the missing quantities from the order.
    Please take this into account when specifying quantities when ordering.
  • All claims must be made by e-mail, with a photo of the damaged boxes, and proof of destruction of the damaged boxes (photo, certificate of a third party...)
  • Special case of Switzerland: many delays, additional costs (customs duties, VAT...) and delivery problems are due to customs procedures because Switzerland does not belong to the European Union.
    Thank you for not holding us responsible...