ECO-Design Our large network of factories allows us:

  • To choose the most sustainable materials adapted to your project
  • Not to be stuck in the know-how of a single factory
  • To promote short circuits and local production

Our showroom in Paris, with its material library of thousands of products, allows us to select with you the most appropriate materials and constructions. It prevents us from the heavy environmental footprint of prototypes and sampling.

We create our products matching as much as possible with the know-how of the factories, avoiding from scratch creations which are a source of ecological aberrations.

Our will to design ecological products does not come from a whim pushed by a recent trend, but from our genuine long-lived concern.

Our daily fight is to convince our customers to design products in the respect of the environment.

Beware, with us, there is no Greenwashing!

Responsible manufacturing

Our subcontractors are selected for their respect of the environment and their ethical and responsible criteria.

Most of them meet the most demanding European standards and labels: PEFC, FSC, FITOK, ISPM15, LNE, RESY certifications ISO, Imprim Vert, etc...according to their sector of activity.

Recycling and Upcycling

We can design with you boxes that are not only recyclable, but also reusable, thanks to noble or recycled materials.

We have practiced recycling and upcycling ever since the creation of BOXS.

Producing locally

Our 150 factories and service providers network is mainly located in France and in Europe. It allows us to intelligently design the manufacturing process to be as local as possible.Our factories stock and deliver directly to our customers to avoid unnecessary transport.

Thanks to numerous subcontractors in the Paris region and in other French regions, we can make 100% local boxes in most materials, in a very short time.

An ecological DNA

The founder of BOXS is also a beekeeper, DIY constructor, and originated from a family of silk weavers.

He performed as a precursor of vintage and upcycling, since the 90s, as General Manager of Martin Margiela.

Choose an eco-product !